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Aquafina Purified Water

Pure Water; Perfect Taste: That’s Aquafina and that’s why it is the top-selling bottled water brand in the United States.  Aquafina starts with public source water then utilizes PepsiCo’s own 7-Step Purification System (HydRO-7) which includes pre-filtration treatment to remove larger particles, two stages of polishing filtering, charcoal filtration, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet & ozone sterilization.  This process removes substances that may remain in other bottle water and produces a water that is nothing but PURE WATER.  Let’s face it, water is the essence of life; and with Aquafina there’s no compromising the quality of the water you drink.  You deserve the best; demand the best:  Aquafina.

Chippewa Spring Water

Chippewa Spring Water originates from a spring located in the wooded hills near Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.  From a deep bed of granite, this spring water flows at a rate of 100,000 gallons every 24-hours.  Scientific analysis shows that Chippewa Spring Water is the purest, softest spring water in the world.  Free of organic contaminates , Chippewa Spring Water is pure; it needs no artificial treatment to make it safe; it relies solely on the natural filtration of a glacial formation that began over 500 million years ago.  It is as pure today as it was when it was first tested over a century ago.  Chippewa Spring Water is oxygenated and sparkling crystal-clear; it’s Earth’s Perfect Water.

Klarbrunn Pure Drinking Water

In the early 1800’s, European settlers discovered Artesian springs that brought clear, fresh water from deep underground.  They called these natural formulations “klarbrunn” (klar-BROON) meaning “clear spring.  Today, sourced from a natural Artesian well, and utilizing state-of-the-art filtration and ozonation, Klarbrunn Pure Drinking Water is pure refreshment containing a well balanced mineral content that delivers an excellent taste profile and health benefits.  This high quality water is value-priced and available in lightweight, resealable 20-Ounce and 1/2-liter bottles.

Made with REAL sugar.

Comes in Regular, Wild Cherry and Vanilla!



Mountain Dew is not just a great-tasting soft-drink, it’s a way of life; a culture you might not understand unless you’re Dew-ing it.  It’s counter to conform-to-thinking.  Mountain Dew celebrates individualism, uniqueness and creativity.  Check out the Waves Video to understand the undefeatable spirit of the Mountain Dew drinker.  Mountain Dew drinkers are way beyond cool.  They welcome any challenge; in fact they look for challenges.  It’s almost as if they’re breathing some rarified air.  How Do You Dew?


The Zero-Calorie Sparkling Water Category Continues To Experience Significant Growth Against The Backdrop Of Health & Wellness Concerns.  Consumers Are Looking For Healthy Refreshment, That Meets Not Only The Need For Hydration But Also Provides Beverage Enhancement With Antioxidants & Vitamins To Help Them Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle.

Klarbunn’s NEW Vita Ice Brings Product Quality, Innovation & Value To A Category Flooded By Imitation.  The Klarbrunn Name, Meaning “Clear Spring”, Is Synonymous With Quality Water.  Klarbunn Vita Ice Delivers Bold, Sparkling Zero-Calorie Refreshment In Five Delicious Flavors, All NATURALLY Flavored & Enhanced With B & D Vitamins, At A Value Price.  Klarbunn Vita Ice:  A Lifestyle Choice For Today’s Lifestyle.

Now In 6 Energizing Flavors
KickStart Is A Breakthrough Innovation That Delivers On Great-Taste, With 5% Real Fruit Juice To Supply B & C Vitamins, While Providing The Energizing KickStart You’re Looking For To Power You Through Your Day.  The News Gets Better:  KickStart Is A Mid-Calorie Beverage, That’s Only 80-Calories Per-16-Ounce Can.  KickStart Is Available In Fruit Punch, Orange Citrus, Black Cherry Or Limeade Flavors.  KickStart Your Day Or Night With KickStart From Mountain Dew!

KickStart Your Day OR KickStart Your Night!

As the name indicates, Propel Zero is a Zero-Calorie Nutrient Enhanced Water with a benefit formula that Replenishes with Vitamins C & E; Energizes With B-Vitamins & Protects With Antioxidants.  Propel Zero is Sweetened with Sucralose (Splenda) & Acesulfame Potassium (Ace-K).  Propel Zero is available in an Easy-Grip Embossed 20-Ounce Bottle in Grape, Berry, Blueberry Pomegranate, Black Cherry and Kiwi Strawberry flavors.


NEW! KickStart Hydrating Boost
KickStart from Mountain Dew – An Energizing To Do The Dew

Mountain Dew Kickstart with Hydrating Boost. It’s refreshingly energetic made with fruit juice, coconut water and vitamins. Pure energy and refreshment now comes in two awesome flavors. Strawberry Kiwi and Pineapple Orange Mango.




When it comes to Sports Nutrition, Gatorade is not just the Gold Standard, Gatorade created the science of Sports Nutrition back in 1965 at the University Of Florida.  Consider this:  88% of Pro Athletes are using Gatorade on their sidelines and is on the sidelines of a professional or college sporting event 365 days a year.  Gatorade works with 52,000 athletic trainers and registered dietitians and has extensively studied 4,600 elite athletes at their Gatorade Sports Science Institute.  Simply stated, Gatorade is the most researched sports drink in the world.

Gatorade starts by Knowing The Athlete:  The metabolic, genetic, physiological, sensory, cognitive, nutritional and energy expenditure profiling that makes up the athlete.  Then Performance Research takes over:  Energy, Hydration, Stamina, Recovery & Toning; essentially everything that embodies performance: before, during and after.

The Gatorade G-Series is the culmination of nearly a half-century of studying athletes, from the elite to the weekend warrior.


02 Perform:  Hydration To Perform.  Available in various sizes, 02 Perform delivers hydration and energy from carbohydrates and electrolytes.  G2 offers a low calorie performance option.


A Low-Fat, Creamy Blend Of Starbucks Coffee & Milk