When it comes to Sports Nutrition, Gatorade is not just the Gold Standard, Gatorade created the science of Sports Nutrition back in 1965 at the University Of Florida.  Consider this:  88% of Pro Athletes are using Gatorade on their sidelines and is on the sidelines of a professional or college sporting event 365 days a year.  Gatorade works with 52,000 athletic trainers and registered dietitians and has extensively studied 4,600 elite athletes at their Gatorade Sports Science Institute.  Simply stated, Gatorade is the most researched sports drink in the world.

Gatorade starts by Knowing The Athlete:  The metabolic, genetic, physiological, sensory, cognitive, nutritional and energy expenditure profiling that makes up the athlete.  Then Performance Research takes over:  Energy, Hydration, Stamina, Recovery & Toning; essentially everything that embodies performance: before, during and after.

The Gatorade G-Series is the culmination of nearly a half-century of studying athletes, from the elite to the weekend warrior.


02 Perform:  Hydration To Perform.  Available in various sizes, 02 Perform delivers hydration and energy from carbohydrates and electrolytes.  G2 offers a low calorie performance option.