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Exterior photo of the Mid-Wisconsin Beverage Corporate Office building

About Us

Mid-Wisconsin Beverage coverage area map

People – employees, customers, communities – are at the very core of what we do. Every day we work hard to ensure the quality brands people love are always available when and where they’re needed. In addition to being a premier supplier for restaurants, schools, grocery and convenience stores, our dedicated team delivers reliable fountain and vending equipment, supplies and services all throughout our area.

For more than 80 years, we have been locally owned and operated as an independent Pepsi-Cola franchise bottler and distributor serving 15 counties in North Central Wisconsin. Looking to the future, we have also expanded our reach of reliable services, delivering coffee and related products to areas beyond those 15 counties.

Premier supplier of: soft drinks, waters, sparkling waters, juices, teas, iced coffees, sports nutritional beverages, energy drinks, pizzas, convenience foods and snacks.

Our Corporate Office is located at 720 S. 72nd Avenue in Wausau, Wisconsin.

In the Community and on the Road

a man in yeti suit holding a snowboard in this right hand and drinking a can of Bubblr with his left hand
two women siting in chairs outside looking toward each drinking cans of Bubblr in front of a fire in the winter
a white Jeep with Bubblr wrap parked in front of the Granite Peak road sign during winter
two women in winter clothes posing on top of the hood of a white Jeep with a Bubblr wrap holding cans of Bubblr
two women sitting on a snowmobile outdoors with a case of Bubblr sitting on the back
two woman outside in winter holding cans of Bubblr and smiling
hands of two people who are not in frame holding cans of Bubblr in front of the Granite Ski and Sport building
two woman inside of a ski lodge holding up Bubblr shirts and smiling
Kurt Walbeck holding a Mountain Dew Bottle
Outdoor Bound with Kurt Walbeck Now On Sunday Mornings 11:00 AM on WSAW-TV 7
Kurt Walbeck holding a fish
The Outdoor Bound Goose Hunting Team posting in camoflauge with rifles and Bubbl'r beverages with the Mountain Dew UTV
The Outdoor Bound TV Mountain Dew UTV out on the ice.
Outdoor Bound Mountain Dew Dodge Ram Truck
Mid-Wisconsin Beverage Mountain Dew Semi Trailer Wrap
Mountain Dew branded Polaris utility vehicle
Mountain Dew Ice Team Snowmobile Trailer
Outdoor Bound TV and Mountain Dew branded boat on a trailer behind a display of Mountain Dew Spark 12-pack product boxes
The 2019 Mid-Wisconsin Beverage Rockstar Energy Drink trailer wrap.
Bubbl'r car wrap on a small Mid-Wisconsin beverage car
The 2019 Mid-Wisconsin Beverage Pepsi / Bucky trailer wrap.
The 2019 Mid-Wisconsin Beverage Pepsi Zero Sugar semi trailer wrap.
Mid-Wisconsin Beverage Lipton Pure Leaf semi trailer wrap.
Mid-Wisconsin Beverage Klarbrunn semi trailer wrap.
Mid-Wisconsin Beverage Bubbl'r Semi Trailer