Developed In 1890 By Canadian Chemist & Pharmacist John McLaughlin, Canada Dry Is Known Worldwide For It’s Mixers, Particularly It’s Ginger Ale.  The Popularity Of Canada Dry As A Mixer In The United States Started During Prohibition, Owing To The Fact That It’s Flavor Helped Mask The Taste Of Homemade Liquor.

Ginger Ale

Too Many People Mistakenly Think That You Only Drink Ginger Ale When You’re Not Feeling Good; Actually, It Really Should Be The Other Way Around!  Drinking Canada Dry Ginger Ale Makes You Feel Great, Even When You’re Feeling Good.  For A Refreshing Lift, Grab A Canada Dry Ginger Ale.  It’s Real Ginger.  Real Taste.

Club Soda

Caffeine-Free, Low In Sodium, Zero Calories

Tonic Water

Contains Quinine.
80-Calories Per-8-Ounce Serving

Diet Tonic Water



Contains Lemon Juice.
110-Calories Per-8-Ounce Serving