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Once you try Portesi’s, no other pizza will do!

We’re delighted to help expand the availability of Portesi Pizza frozen products in central and northern Wisconsin. Portesi earned their legendary status in the Steven’s Point area the old-fashioned way, with fresh, flavorful ingredients, hand-crafted quality, and plenty of 100% Wisconsin Mozzarella!

And we’re also proud to be associated with this family-run business, established in 1954 by George Portesi. Their history parallels our own—we were established in 1945 by George D. Wolff, Sr. So we have two founding patriarchs named George building great reputations for quality and service in central Wisconsin, and passing the reins to subsequent generations who have nurtured and expanded on our founders’ dreams. Hats off to George Portesi and George D. Wolff, Sr., great men who have fed and refreshed—and employed—the people of central Wisconsin for so many decades!

We’ll be distributing the following fine products from Portesi Pizza:

  • 11” and 12” Oven Fresh Original Style Pizza—the one that built the name, with a fresh, yeast-dough crust that’s par-baked and hand topped with ingredients.
  • 9” and 12” Thin Crust Pizza—the same ingredients as the original, except the fine, thin crust is fully baked before topping.
  • 12” High Rise Italian Rising Crust Cheese Fries—specially made cheesy strips similar to soft garlic bread, served with warm pizza sauce, included.
  • 9” and 12” Thin Crust Cheese Fries—a thinner, crispier version of the High-Rise Cheese Fries.


New distribution areas:
Marathon, Lincoln, Langlade, Vilas, Forrest, Taylor, Clark, Oneida, and western Shawano counties.

Learn more about George Portesi and the history of Portesi Pizza at or engage with them on facebook.

For more information about carrying this exciting new addition to our portfolio,
contact Marc Gaddis: