Stillmank Brewing Co. Expands to Central & Northern Wisconsin

We’re thrilled to welcome Stillmank Brewing Company to the Mid-Wisconsin Beverage family! Stillmank is growing and expanding their brewing capabilities, and now their 4-pack cans and draught kegs will be available throughout our 14-county distribution area.

Initially, we’ll be carrying three of this family-run, Green Bay-based craft brewery’s unique and delicious offerings:

Wisco Disco

Wisco Disco—their first and most well-known brew is a deep amber beer with rich malt and hop flavors—from 5 different malts and four giant hop additions. Cold-conditioning rather than pasteurized, this big-flavored beer is naturally cloudy and deeply refreshing.


Super KindSuper Kind—an exceptionally drinkable “Green Bay” IPA with bold hop character and bright citrus aromas, all balanced on pure Wisconsin malted barley.


Super KindHome Grown—this new addition to the Stillmank beer list is a honey rye ale brewed with the finest Wisconsin malt, hops, honey, rye, and yeast.


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Check out a recent Wausau Daily Herald article about them here.


For more information about carrying this exciting new addition to our portfolio,
contact Chris Knapkavage: