Zero Calories & MAXimum Pepsi Taste!

Some people are confused about Pepsi MAX. The most asked question is: What IS Pepsi MAX? Let’s face it, that’s a pretty fundamental question! The answer is pretty simple: Pepsi MAX is the great taste of Pepsi (taken to the MAX) but with ZERO Calories! That’s a BIG deal. It’s like having the best of both worlds: Great Taste & Zero Calories.

Now for those of you who can’t fathom the concept of having Zero Calories & MAXimum Pepsi taste, you’re just going to have to try one and accept what your taste buds tell you: “This tastes great!”

We understand that there are always doubters. They’ll taste Pepsi MAX and say something like: “OK, so it tastes great; but what’s the trick? No way does something that tastes this great have ZERO Calories!” Well ZERO Calories means ZERO Calories and that’s just something you’re going to have to live with. Why not enjoy it!? As for the “trick”, it’s the proprietary blend of Aspartame & Acesulfame Potassium sweeteners. You’ll think you’re drinking a full-calorie Pepsi-Cola but you’re not. You’re drinking Pepsi MAX. Repeat after me: ZERO CALORIES……MAXimum Pepsi Taste. You can thank those straight ‘A’ nerds that you sat next to in science class for discovering the “trick”.

The Pepsi MAX Apex Bottle.
It looks good and
feels great in your hand
and it’s easy on your wallet.