Hungry McGee learned the fine art of smokin’ meats from his Ole Grand Pappy McGee, when Hungry was just knee high to a grasshopper.  They’s been made for generations use’n a proprietary mixin’ of spices & special smokin’ woods.

Low Fat & Protein-Packed Hungry McGee brand meat sticks & jerky bites come in a variety of flavors; and ev’ry now and then Hungry tinkers ‘round with a new flavor that’ll git yur short hairs a standin’ up.   Sure there are other meat sticks out there but most of ‘em will cost ya more and they don’t taste near as good.  You’d be a darn fool to throw away good money when you can have better meat sticks or jerky bites for less.

There ain’t much more to say, on account of the fact that the sticks & snacks speak fur themselves.  There ain’t nobody I know that don’t like’m. They’re root’n-toot’n, nee-slapin’ good, specially when you hav’em with Hungry McGee’s favorite drink:  Mountain Dew.  They’re made for each other.  So, get some meat on them bones!  Git-ya some Hungry McGee Meat Sticks & Snacks!

Smoked Meat Sticks:
  • Original
  • Sweet N Sassy
  • Jalapeno Pepper
  • Mandarin Teriyaki
  • Peppered Bacon
  • Peppered BBQ
Jerky Bites:
  • Original
  • Teriyaki
  • Sweet N Sassy